Thursday, 10 July 2014

Treasure Chest #4 by Rinny

Hey all,

Welcome this weeks Treasure Chest Thursday.  Each Thursday we will share with you some free and discounted books that we believe is worth reading.  

This week, we bring to you some awesome looking freebies (at the time of posting).   Let's take a look and see what is in this weeks Treasure Chest!

All of these wonderful books have been added to my kindle/kobo (ever growing) library this week.

1. A book with murder, romance and ghosts! 

2.  It is said fans of twilight will like this. (I am) and i also heard a rumour about angels?

3.  The first in a trilogy about Sorcerers.

4.  A magical adventure book for children or fans of Harry Potter.

5.  A YA  paranormal Alice in Wonderland.

6. Part One is part one of six in a serial novel. I'm thinking shape shifting and when i even have a slight possibility of that i am like give me it now lol.

These books may also be purchasable with iBooks and Barnes & Noble.
Check with your devices website for more information.

I hope we have found you something worthwhile.  If you have enjoyed any of these or have any awesome bargains yourself to recommend, comment below!

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