Sunday, 13 July 2014

Rinny's Booktuber Shoutout

Hi everyone :)

Hope your enjoying your weekend? I had a little free time and decided that i would do a rare weekend post.
About six months ago i discovered Booktube and I am a addict. I can't stop watching no matter what i am doing in bed, housework all the fun day to day stuff i have booktube videos on. I am subscribed to about 50 different booktubers. So i thought i would share a few of my favourites and perhaps you can all comment below with who you like to watch. I wish i had the confidence to booktube but as soon as a camera comes out i'm off hopping away on my crutches to hide lol. Obviously i cannot put all my favourites and there is no order to these. I don't have an overall favourite or even just a top ten of booktube. But here are five of the ones i just can't simply pass by without watching their latest videos. It was so hard not too put everyone and limit the list. I might do a monthly booktube shoutout. What do you think?

Megan Olivier

I adore this Lady's videos. She is adorable and always smiling. I can't help but smile along with her. Her energy is infectious.


Another booktuber i just have to watch. She has so much energy and just gives up a huge sense of friendliness. Her videos are informative and fun.


This Lady is the first person i started watching on Booktube. She is so entertaining. Love her videos. She also blogs.


This lady and her videos are too cute. Her videos always cheer me up.


Whats better than a cup of tea and book talk? Nothing and this Lady is all about that. Her videos are cute, funny and informative. I admire and respect her a lot she recently did a African Library project which is amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this post? Let me know below what you think. Your booktube favourites and if you have a channel comment below with link. 

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