Book Likes and Dislikes

Below you can find the types of books we are interested in reviewing and our preferred format.  Get in touch by completing the Contact Us form on the blog homepage.  All emails will be responded to in a timely manner.

Rinny - 

I read most genres but prefer, paranormal, ya , mystery and humour. I don't read religious, health, self help books, or erotica. I will consider all books offered but please do not be offended if I say no as I have health issues.  I like to make sure I have a spark of interest in the books I read, as a push too read.  I use reading and reviewing as a type of therapy, I guess an escape from pain.

My preferred format is ePub but will read mobi and even PDFs.

From October 2016 - I am willing to consider review requests. However due to my health and other reasons will only be reviewing a select number every month. So please do not be offended if i cannot fit you in a particular month,

Kimmy - 

(Kimmy is currently not accepting review requests as she is on a break)

I read most genres but prefer apocalypse, zombies, steampunk, supernatural, fantasy etc. However I'm not a fan of romance, how to, health, self help and religion. I will consider offers, please do not be offended if your book is turned down, this will be down to current workload, other review commitments, personal commitments or lack of interest.

My preferred format is ePub. I read on iPad with iBooks (mainly) or kindle app. I will accept PDF. If you only have mobi that's fine as I can convert it to ePub.

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