Friday, 4 July 2014

Oh Bailey By Liana Marcel Shout out

I've been meaning to do this for a while. A couple of years ago through my other hobby crafting I met a awesome lady Liana Marcel. She not only is a fabulous friend who makes gorgeous well made items at Liana Marcel Designs  (and i can testify to this first hand), she has a d├ębut children's book which deserves this shout out.  

She self published Oh Bailey last year. She wrote the book  based on her actual dog, a jack russell called bailey and her daughter Chloe. Written and illustrated by herself for Chloe's bedtime. She also has made oh bailey toys on request too, little hand sized knitted dogs. Such a cute idea for your little ones! 

Blurb : Bailey is a naughty puppy who despite his flaws has the love of his little girl owner Chloe, bailey is so naughty mummy sends him away but what will Chloe do? Will Bailey stay away as everyone knows a naughty pup isn't very good at doing what he I told!

I cant wait to read this with all my little visitors I know it will be so cute and earn me some peaceful moments. I will be doing a honest review joined by some of my little family members in the near future.

Find it here : Oh Bailey paperback and ebook.

I wonder if Bailey is as naughty as my puppy Storm?

By Rinny :)

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