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Just desserts! by Kimmy

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Another review today for my lovely viewers:

Life After: The Cemetery Plot
by Bryan Way

Published Date: 1st July 2014


**Disclaimer - I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


The death of a relative can be tough on a family, but nothing makes it more punishing than jealousy and greed.

When William Pelletreau passes away and leaves nothing to his scorned family, brother-in-law Holt Prendergast coerces his wife Judy into giving William the cheapest burial allowed through his funeral contract. However, Holt's obsession to squeeze every penny leads him to discover that the secrets of the local cemetery are as dubious as they are terrifying, and if he wants William buried his way, he might have to dig a grave himself.

Taking place before the events of the novel Life After: The Arising, Life After: The Cemetery Plot enriches the arc of the series by filling the void of questions the novel's characters can't answer, such as the cause for the car accident on route 3, how it is the undead can dig out of their graves, and most importantly, who is patient zero?


Back in January I was given the opportunity to review Bryan Way's book Life After: The Arising.  Click here to see the review.  I love zombies and jumped at the chance to read this book.  I was not disappointed!

Bryan approached me again and asked if I would be interested in reading a short story that he had been writing related to Life After: The Arising.  Again I jumped at this fantastic opportunity.  I am so glad I did, this story was awesome!

This is a prequel to Life After: The Arising.  Another well written piece by the author.  Bryan's ability to pull you into the world of the characters is always amazing.  Reading this short story brings back so many memories of when I read The Arising.  Each piece of the story flows well and is easily linked to the main book.  Just the right amount of detail put into every character and scenes.  I really do find myself there, seeing it all happen.  I can't wait to read the next short story which is being released this month!

Whether your already a zombie fan or considering venturing into the world of zombie fiction, this is a great short story, one that must be read after reading Life After: The Arising.  You really don't want to spoil the surprises in the main book!

So what are you waiting for, go get the first book now and this short story.  Links to the first book can be found by clicking here.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Congratulations to Bryan Way, may you have many future successes!

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