Monday, 14 July 2014

This week at Opinionated Cupcakes - Rinny Rambles #5

Hi everyone :) Did you have a good weekend? I hope so and i hope your monday has not been to manic? Mines been the normal crazy for our house. Were still puppy training and have a million things going on at the one time. But that's why i read to escape it all :) 

It occurred to me the other day i talk about the puppy alot these days and haven't shared a pic yet. ( I know you have met rogue on a wordless Wednesday) So here she is meet Storm ......

Pretending to be a cat! We have a mini zoo different types of fish, multiple tanks, rats, guinea pig, 2 dogs a cockatiel. We used to have turtles, crabs and diff fish oh and gerbils. 

Anyway enough about me back to the blog. This week Kimmy is on holiday. Lucky her but before you decide not to visit the blog for a week lol ( I know i will miss her too.) We have a guest this week mini cupcake is going to help me out with completing a new fun idea for a blog meme i have and taking part in teaser Tuesday :) She is very excited to interact with you all so please comment. She is over the moon shes getting to be part of the blog for a week. 

Also if you have not already checked out the weekend's booktuber shoutout or seen our tweet. We are wanting to make shout-outs a regular thing. We are looking for authors and bloggers to be featured on our shout out posts. Whether you want to promote a new book or your blog! Just get in touch with us through our email. facebook pm or twitter dm. I will get back to you as soon as possible and we will sort something out. Be it just a normal shoutout or an interview or anything else you would like.

Thanks for reading my ramble. Don't forget comments are like little words of pure joy and sharing is caring. 

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