Monday, 21 July 2014

Swagalicious Sunday #1

Well hello my little readers!

I hope you all didn't miss me too much whilst I was away on holidays last week.  Not that you would have cause my little bestie Rinny has been spoiling you all by the looks of things.

Anywho, we have a very special post for you today.  The first of many I hope, welcome to our:

Swagalicious Sunday

What is this all about I hear you ask?

Well, everytime we post a Swagalicious Sunday, you have a chance of entering a giveaway to win something awesome. The giveaway will run from Sunday to Friday giving you plenty of time to enter and of course make sure none of your fellow readers miss out either!

So are you ready to see what you can win, then do read on!?!?! 

This weeks prize:

A Hardback edition of Touched by Joanna Briscoe


A chilling, deeply creepy Hammer novella by Joanna Briscoe, author of the acclaimed, bestselling novel, Sleep With Me.

1963: Rowena Crale and her family have recently moved into an old house in a small English village.

But the house appears to be resisting all attempts at renovation.

Walls ooze damp. Stains come through layers of wallpaper. Ceilings sag. And strange noises - voices - emanate from empty rooms.

As Rowena struggles with the upheaval of builders while trying to be a dutiful wife to her husband and a good mother to her five small children, her life starts to disintegrate.

And then her eldest and prettiest daughter goes missing.

Out in the village, a frantic search is mounted - while inside the house reveals its darkest secret: a hidden room with no windows and no obvious entrance.

Boarded up, it smells of old food, disinfectant - and death...

Set in a world where appearances are everything, and nothing is as it seems, Touched is unsettling, claustrophobic, and utterly gripping.

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And now for the giveaway.  Good luck everyone!

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