Friday, 4 July 2014

Rinny's Rambling Strikes again. (#4)

Hi everyone :) So it's been awhile since i had a little ramble and Kimmy's beat me to Treasure Chest post this week. So I have decided just to chat a little bit. Its been all go in my house the past few months between Mini cupcake coming to the end of her first high school year, her forthcoming Little shop of Horrors production she is part of for the school, puppy Storm and the normal day to day dramas that life throws at you. Haven't been getting as much reading time as I would like but that's starting to improve again if only my health would too.

We have had alot going on at opinionated cupcakes and it is all exciting. We are finally starting to gain more followers here,twitter and Facebook. So thank you to you all :) Hopefully we can get you all interacting with us a bit more. We love comments as much as we love cupcakes, it shows us what you like and don't like. We have been added to a couple of publishers lists which is mega exciting meaning that we will have more arcs to read and review for you guys and gals.

Although of course some things never change like our love for books and my ever growing TBR and too be bought lists LOL. I'm still a little behind on reviews for books i have read and i am so sorry things are just crazy. Hopefully over the weekend into next week this will be fixed as finally my dying pc is now healed YAY. 

I am thinking about doing a ten facts about us post so you can get to know me and kimmy a little bit better. Is there anything you would like to know? I also have some exciting new blog post ideas. I haven't seen this type of thing around in my travels. So it will be unique and enjoyable. So watch this space.

As I said Kimmy beat me to treasure chest, this week. But i did want to take the time to share a book that has been recommended to me by a friend.  Chapters of life by Tina .K. Burton

Following a premonition before reading Clare’s tarot cards, Jo takes a risk and decides to go into business with her. Eventually, they open the doors to Clare’s dream: Merrilies, a bookshop situated in a small English Cotswold town. Soon, Merrilies becomes the home from home for some of the locals.

Seven-year old Annie visits each day after school, and worms her way into the hearts of everyone she meets, including the five members of the reading group.

Graham takes a shine to Mollie, and wonders if he’ll find romance after years of being alone; single mum Tessa struggles with her teenage daughter; and Michael confronts a bully at work. Will Felicity – who’s dropped out of law school – ever grow up and stop scrounging off her parents?

This diverse group of people, brought together by their love of reading, forge lasting friendships and make some unexpected discoveries about themselves and each other. 

Find it here AMAZON

Also wanted to mention Lizzie Ford 's The Rhyn Trilogy If you follow our Facebook or Twitter you have probably seen it already but it is an amazing bargain. I will hopefully be reading it this weekend if all goes to plans fingers crossed.

I do not want to put spoilers as it is a trilogy. So link to goodreads is above if you are interested.

Find it here : AMAZON

Is there anything you would like to see more of? What do you like about our blog? What are you reading at the moment?

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