Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Teaser Tuesday #7 by Kimmy

Welcome to this weeks Teaser Tuesday! 

Hidey Ho, Kimmy here, Lets hope these random sentences are enough to tempt you into buying this book.  This one was released on the 3rd July 2014!

The Third Wife

First pick - Page 134:

There was a suspended silence on the line.  Adrian couldn't tell which way it was leading.
'God' said Abdullah eventually.  'Is this for real?'
'Yes' said Adrian.  'Im afraid it is.' 

Second pick - Page 281:

He raised his eyebrows 'So I thought, to hell with it! And then I thought I hadn't seen you for a while...' He Shrugged.
'You are a love' she said drily. 'Coffee?'
He shook his head.
'What time is it?'

So, what are you currently reading?

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