Monday, 30 June 2014

Mailbox Monday #4 By Rinny

Hi everyone :) Hope you have had a good weekend? I've had a busy one without being busy. Lots of visitors and mini cupcake's busy social life kept us busy as well as the puppy and the rest of our little zoo. 

Only two books in my mailbox this week. One from the lovely people at random house and one a goodreads giveaway win. Let me know if you are planning on reading or have read either of them, below in the comments

#1 = Bones of the lost by Kathy Reichs arc from Random House number 16  in the Temperance Brennan series. Release scheduled for 31/7/2014. I love the Bones tv series and even though i have found the books up and down, i can't quit them. I love the character Tempe and Kathy's writing. I find all the technical talk very interesting.

#2 = My granny writes erotica by Rosen Trevithick. My goodreads win not my usual read but meant to be funny and wanted something different for ages but cant break my love for YA and my usual. It's also a plus for my resolution for this year of trying new authors. The author sent a bookmark and postcard with a cute little message on. Reading reviews on goodreads i do not know what's going to be funnier a) the book b) the hubby's face when he notices what i am reading or c) the look on my face if my step daughter notices the front cover when i am reading and asks what its about or what erotica is? LOL :).

I hope you have enjoyed this brief mailbox monday. If you have don't forget to share the love and follow our blog or other social media sites. Also comments are like cupcakes we love them. So comment below and make our day.

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