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***Rinny Reviews*** The Originals : The Rise by Julie Plec

*** Disclaimer *** - I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Family is power. The Original vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always and forever. But even when you're immortal, promises are hard to keep. 

Arriving in New Orleans in 1722, Original vampire siblings Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson believe they've escaped their dangerous past. But the city is lawless, a haven for witches and werewolves unwilling to share territory. The siblings are at their mercy…especially after Klaus meets the beautiful and mysterious Vivianne. Her impending marriage is key to ending the war between the supernatural factions—and Klaus's attraction to her could destroy the uneasy alliance. As Elijah works toward securing a piece of the city for his family, and Rebekah fights her unexpected feelings for a French captain, will Klaus's volatile desires bring their world crashing down—and tear them apart for good?


I was so excited when I saw that there was going to be some books based on The Originals, I love the show and enjoyed The Vampire Diaries books. However I was skeptical that this book would live up to the show and my high expectations esp as the characters were derived from the vampire diaries and first seen in the show before getting their own spin off series. This book is the first of three a prequel to the tv series. I shouldn't have been. I could not put it down it was just so good. 

Even if you do not know much about the Mikaelson family the book does a good job on catching them up on their history.  With Julie Plec (the creator of the show) at the helm it is not a surprise that the characters in the book match their tv counterparts. Considering their situation and their history I still find it so interesting how different they are. Throughout the book we have chapters from Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah as they go about their own different missions to help cement New Orleans as their home. Of course each has situations that lead to trouble and misfortune, after all the Mikaelson family never have things all that easy.
Often bringing it upon themselves.

I was surprised to enjoy each of the POV's and their individual storylines. I am a huge Klaus fan (Who isn't?) and admire Elijah's qualities and his old fashioned ways, however Rebekah i usually have a hard time liking. I found them all to be reliable narrators and was glad that I got to dip in and out of each of their heads. I found Elijah in particular enjoyable to read, It was nice to see inside his head and understand his thinking more. 

The writing is not the best and not as well polished as some people may like, however this did not detract from my enjoyment in any way.There is plenty going on to keep you interested even with a slightly slow start. There is action, scandal, romance , betrayal and more than a few bitter sweet and heartbreaking moments. By the time I got to 70%, I was willing myself to read slower, I just did not want it to end. I cannot wait for the next instalment.

I would recommend this book to fans of The Vampire Diaries or The Originals shows. Even if you have not watched The Originals show i think you would enjoy it.  


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