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Red Palace (White Hart #2) by Sarah Dalton - Review by Kimmy

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I'm so excited to share the following review with you all:

Red Palace (White Hart #2)
by Sarah Dalton

Released: 19th September 2014


**Disclaimer - I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


I am here when you run from me,

You cannot touch me, but I make you cold.

I am there in the faint of heart,

But rarely with the daring, and bold.

One by one the members of court fall, cursed into a deep sleep. Silence spreads through the castle, and only Mae Waylander stands.

To break the curse, Mae must face a formidable opponent. She is the only one with a chance to restore order to the Red Palace, but she is unprepared for the trials that await her. She is brave at heart, but is her bravery enough?

In this thrilling follow up to White Hart, Mae faces her toughest challenge yet. With temptation, fear, and evil in her path, can she complete her task? And what will she lose in doing so?

Book two in the White Hart series.


Yay, its finally here.  I have been counting down the days until this book was available.  The lovely Sarah Dalton contacted me asking if I would be interesting in reading and reviewing an arc copy of Red Palace.  I almost bit her hand off at the opportunity lol.

For those of you who are new to the White Hart series, you can read my review of the first book by clicking here.  This is one series you want to get your hands on!

The first book left us hanging with a major cliffhanger.  It sucked having to wait, but it was so worth it.  Immediately drawn back into Mae's world, we continue on her journey as craft-born.  Mae has grown into a brave young woman, her life dramatically changed since we first met her and unfortunately for Mae, its just the tip of the iceberg.  Her newest challenge is to face fear itself, supported by two great characters, Mae takes us on another epic adventure!

Red Palace is an amazing fantasy story full of magic, feels and much much more.  Sarah Dalton has a gift in being able to pull her readers into the book and leave you addicted and wanting more.  Again the ending of the second book.....why do you do this to me woman!?!?! lol I need the 3rd book like now!!! 

So what are you waiting for, get this book added to your Goodreads shelf, spread the word to your fellow readers and go get it.  This is an amazing series!

Feeling lucky? Head over to Goodreads and enter the competition for your chance to win a signed paperback.  Good luck!

Congratulations to Sarah Dalton, may you have many future successes!

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