Friday, 12 September 2014

#petsinclothes challenge for Manchester & Cheshire Dogs home

Sorry for a non book post but this is dear to my heart.

Last night just as i was getting into bed. My husband came through to tell me about the horrible fire that had/was happening at the Manchester Dogs home (Manchester in the United Kingdom). I was heartbroken my husband too. It breaks my heart thinking that something like this could happen to poor animals especially (at the possibility) as it was caused by someone. Many dogs have died in this fire and a third of the building has been destroyed and in parts the ceiling has collapsed in. Approx a 150 dogs.

Manchester Dogs home

Manchester & District Home for Lost Dogs was founded in 1893 by a group of Manchester Businessmen who were concerned about the large number of stray dogs roaming the City. The home has provided shelter to over 1m dogs. The home take in and care for over 7,000 dogs every year, often having more than 250 dogs at any one time waiting for adoption across their two sites.
But often many dogs are never reclaimed by their owners and require a great degree of emotional and physical support during their time at one of the two homes. Operating for more than 100 years the city of Manchester has developed around the site of Manchester Dogs Home which is how it became a city rescue centre. In reaction to this the centre bought a disused site in Cheshire, and opened up Cheshire Dogs Home and they operate as one charity.The charity also has a specialist care centre for dogs who cannot cope in Manchester Dogs Home which they bought in 1999.The two homes are also the largest organisation caring for stray dogs outside of London.On average they accept over 20 dogs per day between the two Homes and will accept any from within a 50 mile radius of Manchester.But many are never claimed. They also offer services to other Manchester dog owners including micro chipping and neutering.

Alot of people have already offered help through donations , blankets and food. However they still will need much more help. The home does not receive government funding and rely on public donations and fundraising they do themselves.

#petsinclothes challenge

My husband has came up with an awesome idea to help raise awareness and money to help these poor dogs and the home. Based on the ALS ice bucket challenge but #petsinclothes. I will copy his facebook post below. If you do not feel like you can take part please still consider donating and if you are from another country please still consider taking part to help awareness for all rescue homes around the world. Animals are important and dear to many of our hearts.

We had the ice bucket challenge now I think we should start the #petsinclothes challenge where you put up pics of ur pets dressed up then they challinge other owners and everybody donates to Manchester dogs home. Its horrible what has happened to those poor dogs. We should help the best we can. Donate here *** help start it going if you think it's a good idea folks *** #manchesterDogshome

Here's Mine (Rinny's)

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