Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rinny does Teaser Tuesday #9

Welcome to this weeks Teaser Tuesday! 

Hey Hey everybody, Rinny here,
Here's how it works you randomly open your book/scroll to a page (ebook) and pick a line off the page to tease/tempt everyone else with. So i wonder if these random sentences are enough to tempt you into buying this book. 

Loki's Wolves (The Blackwell Pages #1)


First pick - Page 9 : The white-hot ball shot from his hand and exploded with a boom and blast of wind that sent Matt tripping back-ward.

Second pick - Page 105 : A black shadow leaped on the wolf's back. Matt barely caught a flash of it before the two went down, rolling across the grass.

Third pick - Page 281 : The Mara shrieked, horrible shrill noises, that made Fen cringe, and then they vanished.

Cannot wait to read this book!!!!! It also has beautiful illustrations.

What are you currently reading? tease us back in the comments.
If you have a Teaser Tuesday post link below.

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