Monday, 18 August 2014

New Release by Charlie Daye

You might remember a couple of week's ago we did a spotlight/shoutout on author Charlie Daye. Well today she is releasing a new book the second in the Breeders series. I thought i would do a little blog post to show it some love and let you guys know about it.

Breeders 2 : The Rescue by Charlie Daye


Ten years ago, Tustin had a fling with a beautiful elemental witch named Tonya. What neither was expecting was the child that night would create. 
Bestowed very special gifts from both her mother’s and father's bloodlines, Ashley has just become the hottest commodity on the magical market. 
When her life is threatened, Tonya magically sends her to her father, who has no knowledge of her existence, with only the use of a memory as her guide. 
As the battle rages for Ashley's life, Tustin wages war against the coven of witches that have kidnapped Tonya. And with the help of Tonya's best friend Ava, they conceive a plan that's sure to be full proof except they weren't expecting for Ava to be taken. 
Bronx has been a Colony enforcer for as long as he can remember. His life was fine until Ava popped in claiming that they were destined soulmates. Bronx isn’t sure he wants anything to do with Ava and her soulmate claim on him but when the witches kidnap her, he jumps head first into a battle to bring her back into his arms. 
As the war between the two species climaxes, the ending is something neither side ever expected.

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What books are you excited for their release this week? Let us know in the comments below. Have a great day :)

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