Thursday, 6 February 2014

Rinny Rambles #1

Hi Peeps :) Welcome to the first ever Rinny's Ramblings. How are you all today? I have had a semi proactive day which is good as i was having a  rubbish day but that all changed as, I got my book from (courtesy of Kimmy for my birthday) eeekk so excited. I have wanted this for ages since i first watched The Almighty Johnsons. Have you seen it? I love it, I've always had a mild interest in mythology and history etc. However as soon as i watched this it sparked an interest for Norse Mythology and so many ideas for me.

Cant wait to read it the front cover is beautiful and cover in post its lol Do you take notes when reading? I love too in my phone, on paper and on pc. I cant help it I love writing notes and lists.

So onto the next productive thing I have done today. I am too shy to get in front of the camera esp at moment due to health. But I did make a video sort of a about us ....... We're on YouTube now :) quick go watch like and subscribe. 

Lastly i want to talk about reading slumps. I have been in a mini one for a few weeks and it is not any books fault. I just cant get into the reading groove at the moment. What do you do in a reading slump? help me give me tips? Last night i finally had enough and decided to try going back to my old way of reading having two books on the go. I'm thinking perhaps i have been reading only the same kind of books for a few months that might be why, tho i have been having bad health issues so maybe that is a factor. So at the moment i am reading Falls the shadow by Melissa Sasina which i am enjoying such beautiful writing and its got Norse mythology in which just well is so me at the moment. I just cant read more than a few pages at a time without losing focus. So for my second book i have went in a total different direction from my normal reads and last night read about 60 pages. It is Modogamous by Karen . E . Martin. Its humorous and a light easy read so far. What are you reading? Let us know all your comments and answers below in the comments, we get lonely in there alone.

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