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Forget diamonds ... a dog's a woman's best friend by Rinny

I finished this book a few days ago and I was not sure how to start my review except to say Modogamous how awesome is that title. I am a huge animal lover and would be lost without my pooch. I even joke with the husband it was Rogue (our white German shepherd) that sealed the deal, when I met her I wasn't going anywhere.

By Karen E. Martin

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*Disclaimer - I was given a free copy from the author in exchange for a honest review*


Kate Adams has it all figured out. Five years out of college, she’s got a steady job, a home she loves in the big city, and good friends who always keep her laughing: her stylish but nosy roommate Evette, happily-married Cecie, and of course, good old Mitch, her seriously cute co-worker who’s been stuck in the Friend Zone since the day they met.

Everything is going just fine—until the night Kate crosses the line with Mitch, and the boundaries between friendship and love begin to blur. Things get even more complicated when hunky JP enters the scene. What’s a girl to do? Add to the mix a spunky little pug Kate never expected to fall for, and her neatly-ordered life is starting to look more like a dog’s dinner. Maybe her roommate has the right idea after all: forget the men, and stick with a canine companion instead.

It’s time for Kate to figure out what she really wants in life. But can she dig her way out of the mess she’s created before she ends up permanently in the doghouse?

Please note: This book contains adult language and mild sexual content.


This type of book is not one that I would often read.  In the spirit of my readaloutions for the year, I thought why not. I was not disappointed the book didn't hook me the way I normally look for a book to do so. However I did find myself wanting to read more and more of this charming,funny, cozy and easy read.  I have to say that anyone who has known the love of a dog will love this book, it just has you nodding along in agreement, as not even the greatest love can beat that feeling you get when you get the excited yapping, jumping and chase of a tail your furry friend gives you over the littlest things. If you like a cozy easy romance to escape to on a rainy or cold afternoon then do consider this adorable relatable read.

There was a lot I liked about this book I liked the unique way of story telling through occasional blog posts from Kate.  The story was not to slow paced and had quite a few chuckle out load moments. Although I have to say I was not a huge fan of Kate (which is frustrating as I cannot put my finger on why she did not appeal to me as others in the book.  I just could not connect with her) though I did like how she has a huge heart and was not perfect just your average young woman finding herself stuck in a place where she did not imagine herself and looking for her true path in the world making mistakes a long the way.  Mitch on the other hand was a delight I loved the moments when we got into his head and he is such a loveable character even if he tends to doubt himself and be a little flaky at times.  The friendship they share is so genuine and full of wit you become endeared to them easily. The dynamics of the many friendships within the book are believable, varied and interesting.  Which I find is not always the case between main characters and their lesser focused on friends and family.  This I feel added to the charm.

The book is well written with a style that to me just oozes fun and cosy comfy feels.  Although at times it was hard to follow the p.o.v as you would start off as Kate and suddenly find yourself in Mitch's head for example.  This was confusing at times but I found myself quickly coming to terms with it and figuring it out on the few occasions it happened.  It did not detract from the story at all.

Lastly I just wanted to mention that some of my favourite bits were when Kate was comparing past dating disasters to their pet pooch's so funny especially the red-neck lol.

Overall Modogamous is worthwhile read and I really did enjoy it.

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