Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Dalektable Quiz Book For Whovians By Rinny

Today I have a review with a difference. It is a Interactive Kindle Quiz book and with guest review input from Mini Cupcake (My 11yr old Step Daughter Courts).

Doctor Who the interactive quiz book
By Julia Reed

My rating : 
Courts rating :


**Disclaimer - I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

My husband and step daughter are huge Whovians, so I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to try this out. I was also interested as i had not tried an interactive quiz book on kindle before. I have to say i found that it worked well and a fun alternative to paperback quiz books.

It was fun, interesting and got us all doing something together, which as Courts is now a tween is a rare thing lol. There is alot to like such as the nice touch of added snippets of information after each question and if you are a Whovian how can you dislike a quiz book which is just for you and people like you? 

I think for this review it will be best to base it on what Courts and my husband thought, with just little bits from me as they are the bigger Whovians. Courtney enjoyed doing the quiz she did not understand a couple of words. So we had to explain them to her, which she said would be a bigger issue for younger children especially without an adult's help. She also said that the lack of pictures or even coloured pages made it hard for her to concentrate. She felt that the black and blue words on white were hard to focus continually on. (We did the book on Kindle app for pc, might be different on actual kindle or kindle fire). Again she was quick to say that with older kids it is not such a big deal as it would be for younger kids.  She really enjoyed the information after the questions but not the option to try again when you got it wrong. She says she feels that the only major downfall and I have to agree is the fact that the result you get at the end is based on time taken and not on the score. She says it kind of took a bit of the thrill away from getting them right as she could see people just trying to whizz through to get a better time and the result is not based on your knowledge which we both feel it should be. She said she would like to try other Dr who quiz books by the author but ranged through the most recent three doctors or over a range of series. She also said she would recommend it to her friends so i guess that is a big thumbs up :)

We both agreed that it is a fun, quick activity for 8yrs up and that it would work as a family activity especially as younger children might need help with words. If your a Whovian who needs something fun to fill a short car trip or rainy hour, I do not think you would be disappointed. It is amazing the little things you overlook or have missed watching the show even over and over again like us.

Courtney scored 30/42 and 3/5 bonus questions and time taken got her companion status. What did you score? Are you a Whovian?

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