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Organised Zombies! by Kimmy

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Here is my latest review:

Julie Rayzor (Julie Rayzor, #1)
by Richard Howes


**Disclaimer - I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


17 year-old Julie is caught between a world of zombies outside of "Fort Tulsa" and a life of drama inside. When everything she loves in life is stolen away; her soldier-boyfriend missing-in-action; troubles with Jill, her best friend; Felix, a nerdy medical researcher fawning over her; plus a broken leg in a cast to weigh her down, she has to join the war and fight or be killed. When she learns of a plan to rescue her boyfriend and save the city, she uncovers a dark secret - a secret that she must keep hidden deep inside until she can complete the most dangerous task of her life.


My bestie Rinny came across this book in a facebook group and knowing how much I love zombies she brought it to my attention.  I couldn't resist.  I'm a sucker for anything zombie related lol.

The main lead, Julie Rayzor, a strong female able to handle herself better than most well trained military guys.  Young, in love, kicking ass and taking names.  A different approach to your normal zombie fest.  None of the typical 'Need to Feed' zombies and everything that goes along with it.  The zombies created in this story and what they are up to, make for an interesting read.  I do feel some of the storyline was slightly rushed or perhaps not as explored as it could have been.

With all post apocalyptic stories, something happens, causing us to feel those heart strings getting tugged at.  Unfortunately, I didn't quite feel it.  I wasn't convinced.  What happens between Julie and her boyfriend just seemed like a total WTF moment.  Like, huh, you guys were totally in love and like that's it.  Perhaps this was written this way on purpose, this is the first book in the series, it could possibly be laying the foundations.  But I just couldn't find myself connecting much with their relationship.  Felt more like a one night stand between them.

The turn of events for Julie becomes interesting and enjoyable, but the phrase she uses telepathically, I found a little lame to be honest.  It did make me laugh though.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what is in store for Julie and her comrades, the teaser at the end of the book certainly does pique your interests.

For all the price this book is, its an interesting piece of imagination on the zombie genre.  A good read worth the money!

Watch this space for the review of the second book in the series.

Congratulations to Richard Howes, may you have many future successes!

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