Monday, 6 January 2014

A heart stopping, soul stealing must read! by Rinny

Hi everyone, when I curled up with a cup of tea in hand to start reading this book, I thought that it sounded interesting, different and was excited. Yet, still I wasn’t expecting the big old wallop up the side of my head this book gave to me, don't worry it was the good kind.  This book not only captured my full attention but had me addicted within the first few pages. By the end of the second chapter I knew my family were going to be neglected until I could finish it. 

** Disclaimer – I was given a free copy of this book by the author in return for a honest review **

Soul Reunion by Lorraine Sears 

Started reading – 4/1/14 
Finished reading – 6/1/14 

I loved the authors writing style and the way she drew you in with intrigue and promise. The characters are well fleshed out and I made near instant connections with them. She lets you into their heads and next thing you know your riding the train feeling their emotions. Even the supporting characters were fleshed out well and you could gain an insight into them. Perhaps helped by the fact that we get the odd chapter from someone else's pov. I have to confess out of everyone Sable is my favourite and I hope we come across him again in many more books in the series. 

If your a fan of paranormal-romance books then you will love this. Not only is there your normal vamps, warlock/necromancers, lupines, shape-shifting, phasing, hellhounds and two new beings in form of death dealers and soul takers. There’s romance, mystery, action, some rather steamy scenes and some rather bloody scenes. There’s a bit for everyone and a whole lot to love. I like the fact that even with the steamy scenes, it isn’t the focus and in no way detracts from the story. Which is great for people who aren't into just the steamy bits. The story I feel is an original, interesting and refreshing change from what’s generally around to read. I could go on forever, more praising bits and bobs of this book, but I’d rather let you find out for yourself. I for one cannot wait for more from this series.  There is so much potential for many more great stories from this bunch of diverse beings and their world. 

"A must read five star book" Goran has gave me my new favourite quote!

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