Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Teaser Tuesday by Kimmy

Welcome to this weeks Teaser Tuesday 
by Kimmy.  

Lets hope these random sentences are enough to tempt you into buying this book!

Deeply Twisted

First pick - Page 20:

Their eyes held each other, and both women had a grimace on their face. I clasped hand in front of my mouth, and stared from my mother to grandmother. It wasn’t like Opoe to defy my mother in such a way, and I watched as the two women were locked in silent combat with each other.

Second pick - Page 100:

Damien’s eyes met hers, and for a brief second, Mandy felt as if the stranger read her thoughts.  “Let’s all just sit down,” she said with a panicked cheer in her voice, and led the group direction of dinner table. With strong hands, she pushed a reluctant Luke in front of her.

So, what are you currently reading?

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