Monday, 6 January 2014

An oldie but a goodie! by Rinny

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Rinny here, starting the blog has me all nostalgic. I've been thinking back to previous reviews I have done. I remembered my first author review request (2012) I put myself forward for. Its an oldie but well worth a read. I recently recommended this book to Kimmy. So I thought as were still trying to gain our blogging feet and take our first stumbling steps. I would take the time to share.

The Mirror & The Meretrix (Blackstone & Brenwen #1)
 By Andrew D. Mellusco

This book is one of those rare treasures, the ones you can spend ages looking for but when you do will stay with you forever. I was hooked from the first chapter and did not wish to put it down. The author draws you in from the beginning into this compelling and enchanted story full of twists and turns and magical interesting worlds and their equally fantastic and varied different fantasy characters and creatures. 

The thing I love most about this book is the refreshingly different take on fairy tales not only does it take you back to all your favourite childhood characters but the author sheds a different light to them and i think that is wonderful as we never grow up fully just grow older.The combination of of fantasy, law and fairy tale is creative, different and very imaginative and i think works fantastically. I think the book is well written and very descriptive that you can picture every detail of characters and surroundings as you read which i love as it makes it more real and fun to me. I could see this series as a TV show or film series and i would be first in line to watch. 

The characters are all interesting different and relatable in their own ways.  Elliot makes a great main character although I have to admit some of the more sidelining characters I enjoyed equally and have soft spots for.  There is many laugh out loud moments through the book and you will not be disappointed with this book I cant wait to join them on future cases and see the series develop into hopefully many more books. A enjoyable read and already have recommended to many family members and friends.

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