Sunday, 5 October 2014

Doppelganger by Milda Harris - Review by Kimmy

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by Milda Harris


**Disclaimer - I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


Citrus Leahy is having a really bad day. First she's late to school. Then she runs into the girl who drives her nuts because she always calls her Orange instead of her name. To cap it all off, when Citrus finally makes it to class, she sees herself already inside. Wait. What? 

Citrus Leahy has a doppelganger

It's probably aliens taking over the world and her life has just turned totally upside down. Goodbye, normal. Hello, paranormal! Luckily, her crush Aedan has the exact same problem!


I came across this book whilst browsing Netgalley back in the summer.  The title and cover caught my attention, it wouldn't be the most outstanding cover I have seen on a book but I found it unusual and intriguing.  Reading the synopsis intrigued me more, so I requested it and was lucky enough to get accepted.

A fast paced story.  Filled with the incessant, random ramblings inside the main characters head.  I persisted with the book as in between Citrus rambling away to herself there were some interesting parts of the story...  Or so I kept wishing for.  I don't see this as being a young adult book.  The writing style is very simple, the romance is innocent and the violence is non existent.  It was a quick, easy read, but unfortunately didn't live up to the expectations I had hoped for.

Each to their own, everyone has different likes and dislikes, you never know if you will like it until you try it.  I shall leave that decision in your hands.

Congratulations to Milda Harris, may you have many future successes!

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