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Dark Witch by Nora Roberts - Review by Kimmy

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Today is day four in the Dark Witch Blog Tour and we are your lucky hosts.  My name is Kimmy, I am your reviewer for today.  For those of you who are new to our blog, welcome and for all our regulars, well hello again!

I do hope you enjoy, lets get this show on the road:

Dark Witch
by Nora Roberts

Published: 31st October 2013


**Disclaimer - I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


Three cousins inherit a gift that will transform their lives ...Iona Sheehan has just taken the biggest gamble of her life. Leaving her job, her home and her family in Baltimore, she has come to Ireland in search of adventure - and answers. Iona has always felt a powerful connection to the home of her ancestors. So when her beloved grandmother confesses an extraordinary family secret, she can't resist visiting County Mayo to discover the truth for herself. Arriving at the beautiful and atmospheric Castle Ashford, Iona is excited to meet her cousins, Connor and Branna O'Dwyer, for the first time. And when she lands a job at the local riding school she finds herself drawn against her will to its owner - the hot-tempered but charismatic Boyle McGrath. Perhaps in County Mayo she has found her true home at last. What Iona doesn't realise is that her cousins have been expecting her for a long time. Connor, Branna and Iona have all inherited a powerful but dangerous gift from an ancestor known as the Dark Witch. And they are about to discover that some old legends can return to haunt the present ...The first in a magical new trilogy, Dark Witch is a captivating story of love, family and destiny.


The lovely Clara at Little, Brown Book Group offered me the opportunity to read and review this book.  The author is completely new to me.  The title and the synopsis alone had me intrigued.  I couldn't wait to start reading this book.

I absolutely loved the prologue.  The introduction to the Dark Witch, Cabhan and their history was great.  A solid start to the book leaving you wanting more.  Nora done a fantastic job of setting the scene throughout the book.  Being set in Ireland was another reason I wanted to read the book.  I'm from Northern Ireland myself, so I am always interested in seeing how well authors paint the picture.  I was not disappointed.  Iona's character was great, I loved her personality and the effect she had on the others.  All the main characters and secondary characters worked well together and their relationships added depth to the story and at no point distracted from it.

From what I can tell based on reviews for the authors other work, Nora is famous for her romance.  However this book didn't focus much on it.  Which for me personally, is great.  I am not a huge soppy, romance fan.  There was an element of romance there, but the story didn't evolve around it.  So if your a fan of Nora Roberts romance scenes, you aren't going to find it in this book.  But do not let that put you off, this is an excellent piece of work from Nora, a great series you won't want to miss!

An enjoyable read, I can't wait to get my hands on the next two books in the series.  Grab your copy now using the links below!

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Congratulations to Nora Roberts (Piatkus), may you have many future successes!

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