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Book of Immortals: Disciple by Kassandra Lynn Interview & Review by Kimmy

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I wanted to share with you today a book I read just before the end of last year.  I do hope you enjoy:

Book of Immortals: Disciple 
by Kassandra Lynn

*** Disclaimer *** - I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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You enjoy stories, but would you want to become part of one?

When Celine dies in a plane crash, instead of going to heaven or hell, she becomes the antagonist in the novel she was reading on the flight.

In her new realm of existence, immortals gather energy from the environment to gain prolonged life, while devils suck the life out of mortals in exchange for power. As the secret offspring of the two opposing races, Celine finds herself having to cover up her devil ancestry while enrolled in an immortal school.

She could live with her role, if only she hadn’t read the book. The end means her death, and this time it’s for good. Celine’s high school crush, Erik, who also journeyed to the new world, encourages her to become a devil in order to change her destiny. It sounds like a simple choice, but that would mean betraying the world she had grown fond of.

As her doomsday draws near, Celine must choose a side or use her insider’s knowledge to overturn the plot—and possibly the whole realm in the process.


Kimmy: Hi Kassandra.  Thanks for taking the time to join us here at Opinionated Cupcakes.

Kassandra: Thanks for having me!

1. Tell us about your book

Book of Immortals: Disciple is a fantasy about a girl who get trapped within a story she read.

Official blurb:
Following her death in a plane crash, Celine discovers that neither heaven nor hell are options for her. Miraculously, she's transformed into the antagonist of the book she'd read prior to her demise. Now, she must navigate this strange new immortal life, knowing that the antagonist's journey won't end well. Between covering up her devil ancestry in an immortal school and trying to understand her feelings for a senior apprentice, can Celine circumvent her impending doomsday to create a favorable plot twist?

2. What inspired you to write your first book?

I like to make up stories in my head when I lie on my bed at night—it's like telling myself a bedtime story. But thinking about something in my mind can be very disorganized and illusive. I want to put them down in writing to make them more concrete and to share my fantasy with others.

3. What books are you reading now?

I just finished Pinehurst, a YA fantasy I enjoyed. I'm currently reading a super long Chinese historical romance that keeps me way past my bedtime. Of Sea and Stone is on my to-read list for the next week.

4. Do you have anything in specific you want to say to your readers?

I grew up reading stories in both English and Chinese. The structure behind fiction and the roles each characters play had intrigued me since I was a child. Somehow, I like many of the antagonists and minor characters more than most of the protagonists—perhaps because the antagonists are the ones with the more interesting traits and strong personality? In my writing, I want to incorporate some of the things I like about minor characters into my protagonists. My protagonists are not always good in the traditional perspectives—some of them might be downright evil and selfish—but they're the ones I like to read about. I hope you find them interesting too.

5. What are the challenges in bringing it to life?

I find it a little challenging to just sit down and write something every single day. Sometimes I have days that I don't feel creative at all and sometimes I get distracted by many things that come up. The first draft is definitely the hardest, although I have the most fun writing it.


The author approached us towards the end of last year to see if either Rinny or myself would be interested in reading and reviewing her book.  The concept seemed quite unique, like nothing I had read recently or could think of and I loved the cover, so I jumped at the chance to read it.

I loved this book.  Being well and truly hooked from the first few pages, it didn't take me long to devour it.  The storyline was interesting and I found myself easily immersed in Shann's world.  I hung off every word, my need to keep reading, just one more page I kept telling myself multiple times on end.  

It was easy to connect with the main character Shann, the author done a great job of developing the her character and a few of the supporting characters.  I do however feel that some of the characters who perhaps started off strong, seemed to dwindle slightly as the story progressed.  My other downside would be the seclusion that each disciple takes to increase their level.  At the start I didn't mind so much.  However towards the end I felt that it had almost become a time passer.

I would've loved to have seen more focus on the world itself, Aaren, Divinity Sabien and some of the character relationships.  I feel Shann's life was very short lived.  Basically I wanted more Aaren and Shann!

Having said that, the author fitted a lot into one book and although some things could have been improved on, I do feel she did it really well.

I highly recommend this book.  I am super excited for the next book in the series.  This really is a new take on fantasy, so what are you waiting for, go get your copy now!

About the Author

Kassandra Lynn is the author of Book of Immortals series. Her favourite genres are fantasy and romance. She especially enjoys reading and writing about unique concepts, unpredictable plots, and protagonists who aren't the typical protagonists.

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