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***Blog Tour*** The Intergalactic Adventures of Queen Bea by Jeanne Gransee Barker

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Welcome to my tour stop for The Intergalactic Adventures of Queen Bea by Jeanne Gransee Barker. This is a young adult sci-fi. The tour runs February 16-27 with reviews, author interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for more information.

About the Book:

Everything she’d ever known was a lie. Now Bea must find the courage to trust her own voice to save not only herself — but an entire planet.

At almost 15, late-bloomer Bea Parker has just discovered that her aunt, uncle and cousins—the only family she’s ever known—aren’t actually related to her and don’t know anything about her birth parents. Then a strange, high-tech device shows up in her room in the middle of the night with a note promising answers about her shadowed past. This alien technology takes her on a journey that forces her to leave behind Earth, and everything she knows, to meet her destiny.


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About the Author:

I discovered science fiction when I was four. My father loved Star Trek, the original series. Every Friday night he’d make a big deal of getting the house quiet so he could hear the TV. The importance of it drew me in. And then I was hooked on other worlds, molecules being scrambled and reformed, and meeting totally logical aliens. As I grew older and continued to watch, I loved the idea that a story could explore our contemporary dilemmas couched in two-tone faces or hidden with green skin. Science fiction was the “gateway genre” that led me to fantasy and paranormal fiction.

I began my first novel at age 12. I still have the ring binder with the hand-written pages of OOTG-1 (that stands for Out of the Galaxy)—the story of the first manned expedition to venture forth beyond our galaxy. Alas, after about thirty pages my hand got tired and the crew never left the Milky Way. But that experience sparked a lifelong love of writing which  has continued through my school days to the present.

When I'm not enjoying the alternate universes of my written creations, I live, work, and play  Seattle, Washington.

Excerpt:  Chapter 16: Being the Mouse

Bea had gone back inside and crawled into bed. Every time she started to doze, she imagined she could hear the viewer calling to her. She noticed every twitch of her muscles, felt each ragged breath. Her eyes were hot and dry, her head throbbed, and her limbs were made of lead.
When she finally did drift off to sleep the dream had come, worse than ever. A chill went down her spine as the familiar voices began to speak.
One long, cloaked arm reached for her. This time it touched her with a single icy finger. The cold oozed up her arm, cutting through the skin, moving like it was alive. Gasping for breath, she sat up, cold but sweating.
The sun was rising. She could hear the next-door neighbors getting in their car. People just beginning an ordinary Saturday. Then she remembered the scratch on her arm, probably the reason for this version of the nightmare.
The fear from last night’s alien encounter reignited. What if she got some sort of alien infection?
Bea got out of bed on shaky legs and walked to the bathroom. She pulled out the antibacterial liquid, put her arm over the sink, and poured it on the small scratch. She kept squeezing the bottle until it released nothing but air.
“Hey, Howard Hughes.” The sound of Patty’s voice made her jump. “You trying to drown that or what?”
“Oh, I guess I just wasn’t paying attention.” Bea put the empty bottle back in the medicine cabinet.
“I’m pretty sure nobody ever died from a paper cut,” Patty said, making her way past Bea and into the bathroom.
“Ha, yeah.” Bea forced a weak laugh.
“What are you doing up so early on a Saturday anyway?” Patty asked, yawning.
“Oh, I’m going over to Calvin’s. You know, more stuff on the project.”
“Geez, Bea, it’s like your brain has been taken over by science or something,” Patty said.
“That is totally not funny!” Bea snapped.
“Gah, it was just a joke…” Patty looked at Bea. “... or maybe not.” All of Patty’s humor evaporated. She gave Bea a little shove out into the hall and closed the door in Bea’s face.
The whole time she was dressing, Bea was on the verge of hyperventilating. She pulled on the same jeans as yesterday and an old school sweatshirt. She let her sleep-twisted hair fall where it might. She didn’t grab her hat or her gloves. She couldn’t even manage to zip her parka.
The whole way to Calvin’s, she kept pushing up the jacket sleeve to check the scratch. It was redder, wasn’t it? Maybe it was beginning to swell? How would she explain this at the emergency room?

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