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*** Rinny Reviews *** Soul Reflection by Lorraine Sears

*** Disclaimer *** - I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Number 2 in the series, Read my review for book one here.


When a married woman catches the eye of immortal Soul Taker and lifelong bachelor, Archer, he knows he should look the other way, but there's something about the gentle and vulnerable Sarah that draws him like no other ever has. 

Dedicated to her husband and sons, Sarah's happy in her quiet, unassuming life. But when things starts to fall apart there's only one person she can turn to. With more to Archer than meets the eye, is it a step too far to believe "happy ever after" really exists?


This book was on my anticipated 2014 releases list and I was so excited to get the chance to read it early. The wait was trying my patience to the maximum. Only problem now is I can’t wait for it to be released so I can pester everyone I know into reading it, so I can discuss how awesome it is with them. The first part of that challenge is making sure they have read book one which is one of my top reads of the past year.  It is rare that after only two books in a series that it will get a place in my top ten series. However this series is firmly in my top two now. It is even rarer that I find it next to impossible to find any faults with a book. This book has got me there too.

Book one Soul Reunion which my review of is linked above under the cover image, focuses on Goran and Maya, it introduced us to this wonderful world of soul takers and death dealers and some important side world story lines that continue through this book minimally. This book focuses on Archer and Sarah’s story, which is beautiful. 

Archer was in book one more as a watching from the bleachers character, he of course is the main male feature in this book and he does not disappoint. I know a lot of readers like Archer for his wit and his playboy ways, he undergoes a lot of growth throughout the book and although some might not like the way he ends up. I think it’s perfect a transformation through love and if were all honest it’s what most men claim to have went through from being a playboy to tied down with a wife LOL. My only quibble is that I think perhaps he might have struggled getting there a bit tougher leaving his playboy side behind. Even if perhaps not through want but through fear of changing so much so quick after all he’s had hundreds of years and many women. However that is me being very tough and love does change us all.

I adored Sarah, she was so realistic and relatable, perhaps helped by the fact she is human. The situation we find her in can’t help but tug on your heart strings. She is a loving, caring, devoted mother and housewife, who is undervalued and downtrodden by her husband. You know she and Archer are going to be together from before you even open the book. However the path they take is unpredictable and fitting. She undergoes momentous changes in such a short time and even though the book covers only a couple of weeks. I feel that her actions, thoughts and feelings are realistic. She transforms into a strong, confident women and you cannot help but admire her. 

I loved Lorraine’s writing style when I read the first in the series. I think her writing style has grown. She has a talent for drawing you in and holding your attention. She is not overly descriptive but she fleshes out all of her characters so well, filling the story with twists and turns and action. I cannot help but find her writing as beautiful as the story she is telling.  Her strongest talent is definitely her characters. I definitely went through all the emotions with this book and even had a few blubbering full on teary moments. I was also delighted that my favourite character from book one made a return Sable. I hope one day he will get his own story.

If you like paranormal romance books, this series is a must. Even if you like just one or the other or fancy something different to your normal read, I am sure you would not be disappointed with this series. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. I definitely think that Lorraine Sears, is an author to watch and one who should be in your collection or at least on your TBR. Soul Reflection is not released till 13th  of  December so plenty of time to catch up with book one.  Lorraine is writing book four at the moment as part of NanoWrimo and yet again the thought of waiting feels like a punishment. I cannot wait to read book three especially with the ending of this one.

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