Sunday, 4 October 2015

Studying on Sunday: My Open University Journey #1

So I thought I would start a new weekly feature that hopefully you will all be interested in. Well okay some of you lol. As I have mentioned before in rambling post in February 2015 I started studying The Open University. I completed the access course Y032 People, work and society Access on the 10th of September and I am awaiting my results due at the end of the October. I was worried about studying again after so many years out of education but I found myself well supported and enjoying the course. It was very interesting and a good way to test the waters. It was split into different blocks with 6 units in each. Each block had a unit for a different discipline. The disciplines were Childhood studies, Health, Law, Psychology, Sociology and business. There is three assignments during the course (to help with your learning and monitor your progress) and a final examiner marked assignment that decides wether you have failed, passed or got a distinction for the course. You are supported by a tutor and which you have regular phone tutorials and email contact with. Some of the units are online and throughout online and offline units  you have activities to help you learn and online tests to check if you understand what you are learning. For the access course and some other modules as well as online materials you get an exciting delivery with books, guides, dvds and for my access materials I also got an awesome tote bag.

I will be honest I did find it hard going at times and not all the units were interesting to me. I have multiple health issues which perhaps made it harder. It was worth it though and I have met a lot of interesting people in the forums and through facebook. It was nice to know that I wasn't alone and still had a semi social element to it.

Why did I chose The OU?

I have multiple health issues which leave me housebound and often bed bound. The reason I chose to study was to try and break the boredom and pain cycle i found myself in. Each day felt the same because due to pain, tiredness and restricted mobility, I couldnt do much at all and dependent on others doing so much for me I felt like I had nothing that was for me. (I hope that makes sense). The Open University seems like the perfect match there offer a lot of different methods of support for disabled and non disabled students. I can study part time, without leaving the house or even my bed on my really bad days. Although there is dates for assignments to be submitted by and tutorials, I can study at my own pace. Another reason I chose to study again was to improve my employability chances if my health starts to improve.

Current Study Plans

I have decided to study Law and do the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree part time. It will take six years and be a struggle because of my health but I am excited and determined. I am nervous about later years due to exams but I know they do a home exam option, so I am sure it will work out okay. 

So as of yesterday I am officially a Law student! This year my module is W101 An introduction to law. The first week is more an introductory week. So I will hopefully have a more interesting post next week especially as I wll have had my first tutorial online. 

I have decided to try ad blog every week own my study journey as I have been looking or other Law student blogs in the UK especially Open University and have not found much at all. I also feel it will be good because of my health issues to be an additional motivator and perhaps help others wth health issues realise it is not too late. I hope you check back next week.

But for now I guess I should get studying..........

Rinny :)

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