Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Rinny's Ramblings - Apologies for being M.I.A, What I've read and other ramblings

Hi Everyone, Rinny here for another Rinny Rambles. So you might have noticed the blog the past couple weeks has been deserted :( which neither Kimmy or I have meant to happen. So i would like to apologise to you all, our mail has been gathering up to so if you have emailed us and we have not replied yet. Please do not hate us just we have got lost in the pile somewhere and are working on getting on top of things.

Kimmy has been super busy at work and with personal things. In February I decided to return to education after 11 + years. I started the access module Y032 -  People, work and society with The Open University. I really would recommend this module it has been a tough learning curve through my studies ( which i finished last Wednesday and get the results in 6 weeks) and I have not had much time to read for fun with my health issues complicating my studies. Due to my health and family commitments The Open University has proved to be a good choice or me and found that i was well supported through my studies. My confidence has increased as well as many skills. So much so I am starting part time in October with the Open University my Bachelor of Laws degree. I am excited ad nervous but proud as i never thought I would be able to return to education. I am determined to find the right balance between studying, coping with my health and maintaining Opinionated Cupcakes. However until I do and Kimmy is freed up a little more WE ARE CLOSED OR REVIEW REQUESTS :( HOWEVER FEEL FREE TO ASK US TO PROMOTE OR JOIN BLOG TOURS.

One unusual book related thing I have found is I study better listening to audiobooks.So weird and most likely not a good thing. However I do make sure it is something I have already read for the most part. So on to the fun stuff what I have read or listened too (with basic comments)

What I've Read
  • I have listened to the Harry Potter series whilst studying as i have already read them a few times and still really enjoy the series.

for both



  • Lux series 1-4  by 

 for all except book                                     4 Origin  

I just did not enjoy Origin as much and i am not entirely sure why not :( I think i missed some of the other characters that  had got used to being around more.

  •    Really enjoyed, something totally different to my normal reads. I could not put it down! This was the first book i had picked up in awhile and actually sparked me into managing to cram more fun reading into my days the past few months. It was also the first Brandon Sanderson book I have read and I loved his writing style. I cannot wait to read the next in the series

  •  My last book I have finished over the past few months is We Bought A Zoo by Benjamin Mee. The book that the film of the same title is based on. The tre story o the highs and lws that the family went through buying a zoo.  

I adored this book. It was interesting, funny, heart warming and heart wrenching with lovely pictures too.

Is there anything you want to see on the blog? What have you been reading?  Are you a Open University student? or Any thoughts and comments? We want to hear from you!!!!

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