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Kimmy Reviews - The woman who stole my life by Marian Keyes

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Hope you are well. I'm sure you are all quite busy getting ready for Christmas.  I know I sure am, between work and then on my days off trying to finish my Christmas shopping, which I only started last week, well, lets just say its all go!

So on with the show, today I give you the review of:

The Woman who Stole my Life
by Marian Keyes

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Stella Sweeney is back in Dublin. After living the dream in New York for a year - touring her self-help book, appearing on talk shows all over the USA and living it up in her 10-room duplex on the Upper West Side - she's back to normality with a bang. And she's got writer's block.

Stella wants a clean break as she didn't exactly leave New York on a high. Why is she back in Ireland so soon? Who is it who keeps calling? Stella wants to get back to being the woman she used to be. But can she? And should she?

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I was very lucky to receive a copy of this book from the lovely Katie at Penguin.  This is the first of Marian Keyes books I have read.  The beautiful cover and interesting title intrigued me.  Reading the synopsis, it wasn't my usual type of read, but I always like to try something different now and again and it sounded like it was going to be a great read.

What started off with great expectations, soon turned into me having to persevere to get this book finished.  I didn't find myself being able to connect with any of the characters.  Pretty much everything happens at the beginning.  The frequent changes in timelines between each of the chapters and each of the characters I feel didn't flow well and at times caused some confusion.

I did however enjoy the humour and my favourite part of the story was when Stella is in hospital with her illness.  Just reading about what someone would be going through having Guillain Barré syndrome was enough to give me the shivers. 

As previously mentioned, I am new to the authors work and her writing style.  The feeling I got from this book, especially towards the end, seemed to be an insight into the publishing world and behind the scenes.  As interesting as it was, I really do feel it added no value to the story.

I will leave it up to you to decide whether you want to read this book or not.  Everyone has different likes and dislikes.  You never know, you might end up really enjoying it!

About the Author

Marian Keyes, born September 10, 1963, is a popular Irish writer, considered to be one of the original progenitors of "chick lit". Keyes' first novel, Watermelon, was published in Ireland in 1995. Since then she has published seven further novels and two collections of non-fiction, and has sold 15 million copies of her books in 30 languages.

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