Our Review Policy & Rating Guide

We take our role as reviewers very seriously.  We take pride in what we write and strive for honesty and fairness in all reviews.  We are simply here to share our insights, likes and dislikes as well as giving our personal reasons for such opinions.

We accept e-books, samples and products etc.  We are always willing to consider an offer by an author, publisher, company etc.  Some offers may be declined due to workload, other commitments or lack of interest.  But please do not let this put you off approaching us.  As we said, all offers are considered.

Our goal is to share what we enjoy and what we have learnt.  However, we will give our honest opinion on all of our reviews.  If we find something at fault with the item we are reviewing, we will disclose that fault.  We will not (and never will) give a positive review only because we received the item for free.

Our rating guide:
Please feel free to contact us to arrange a review by clicking on the email link on our home page.

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