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New Year, New Book Review! by Kimmy

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With the holidays over (boo) and now quickly working our way into January 2014, I have finally finished reviewing my first book of the year.  Over the holidays I spent time catching up on one of my favourite TV Shows 'Supernatural'.  So when I came across this book and read the synopsis, I couldn't resist.

**Disclaimer - I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Seeking The Storyteller 
by Jessica Walsh & Briana Lawrence

With all books, I am always excited to read the prologue.  It's like the worm dangling on the hook.  Tempting you to bite, the hook just hidden, waiting to latch on.  Unfortunately the prologue in this book didn't succeed.  Many of the scenes were over descriptive.  The demon seemed too cooperative in providing information and the hunters too easygoing to accept it.  A demon behind plain bars, no bounds or chains, none of the familiar markings, wards etc we are used to seeing or reading about.  No torturing of any kind to get this information.  Nevertheless I continued on with the book.  The following chapters did lead to much more exciting reading.  Alot of which I do feel would have been better for the prologue.

I loved the Scough.  Mira is dead cute, sometimes it felt a little strange to fully grasp her age etc but anywho, all the cuteness that came with the Scough...squeeeee!!!

Unfortunately, there were perhaps too many storylines happening within the book.  A few of which didn't ever really come to anything or just ended too quick.  I would have loved to have seen more focus on some of these i.e Xaver's death or Dox and Cyn to properly play them out and then perhaps ending the book with the entrance into the demon world to seek the storyteller.  I am under the belief that this is going to be a series, so it just seemed strange that it all felt just a little bit rushed and a little bit too much thrown into the first book.  Also some of it just felt unexplained.  For example, we have two hunters who kill demons.  Demons that harm humans.  Yet the demons in the story (apart from the main bad guy) all pose no threat to humans, even when they travelled to the demon world, none crossed their paths.

However, I see potential for this series.  With a bit of work I can really see both authors make something great out of this and I do hope I get the opportunity to read and review the rest of the series.

Congratulations to Jessica and Briana on their first joint book publishing.  May you both have many future successes!

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